Keystone Asset
Management Solutions

When we launched Keystone in 2002 after 10 years building management information systems for blue chip clients, we aspired to develop something unique: a combination of unparalleled client service with outstanding products. We wanted to offer something better and believed we could make a difference. Now, only 12 years after securing our first customer, Keystone is used by over 130 organisations, UK-wide, to manage over 1.75 million assets!  


STOP PRESS: On 23 May 2014 we announced the acquisition of Keystone Asset Management Solutions by Civica. The combination is a very positive development for our customers, partners and employees, for whom daily contact will remain business as usual.  Click here for the official press release.

Even given Keystone’s rich functionality, it is the way in which we look after our clients that has set us apart. All of our clients will testify to the quality of both 'Keystone the Product', and 'Keystone the Service'.  That's why they are all listed on this site


Our hard earned reputation for the quality of our software and the excellence of our service did not happen by chance - it is the result of many years of commitment, the hard work of our people and our empowered and open management ethos.

We hope that this web site helps you get a feeling for Keystone - its people, its products and the exceptional service we offer. However, no promotional material can do justice to the pride, care, skill and experience of the Keystone team. If you are considering a quality asset management solution, please talk to a member of the team. They can provide you with an in depth demonstration and additional information. Even better, they can arrange for you to visit an existing client. The closer you look, the more you will appreciate the subtle differences that make Keystone the market leader.


The Keystone team will be appearing at the following events in 2014:     

And, of course, you can book a one-to-one demonstration of Keystone at your offices at any time - just give us a call!